Kia Ora! A New Zealand Teaser

After years and years of dreaming, I am lucky enough to be living out one of my biggest dreams – moving to New Zealand! I started planning for this since I realised I could make this way of life a reality, even before I left Australia. It didn’t happen right away though, and I think that was for the best. I spent over a year at home, reconnecting with my friends, my family, my roots. Of course that could only last so long before I began to feel that vague restlessness, an impatience with my routine again. After what felt like ages of very careful saving, and basically zero planning, I hopped on a plane in February towards Middle Earth.

Here is a (very) small teaser of what we’ve been up to:












So far, New Zealand has been more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. I know that sounds cliché, but this place is full of so much mind-bending scenery every time you turn a corner.

I hope you’re excited to come with me, I’m so thrilled and thankful to be here!



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  1. sarah says: Reply

    where in NZ are you? I’m in Dunedin if you make it this far south!

    1. Lisa Martin says: Reply

      I’m your neighbour! I’m in Queenstown and will be for the next several months. Definitely have plans to head down to Dunedin, just not sure when yet.

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