What’s The Point of It All?

This blog began as a means for me to show my photos to my friends and family without annoying all my Facebook friends.

Losing Your Feet has evolved to mean so much more to me than that. The way I look at the world and travel and life has changed with one text from my sister, sent when I arrived in New Zealand.

“Enjoy the adventure, the awe inspiring, strange, quirky and memorable moments, the big and the small, the bold and the quiet, the life changing and the forgettable. Not everyone would be gutsy enough to do what you’re doing, don’t know that I would be. Be safe, take care, and keep in touch.”

I remember exactly where I was when the message came through. It was my first full day in the country. We had been exploring Auckland, wandering around a jetty, envious of all the boats in the harbour. A surprise rainstorm had chased us laughing, inside The Cloud building. I was damp but exhilarated, feeling like I had so much more adventure in front of me. And then I received that text.

It was perfect timing. A reminder and an example to hold as many moments in my heart as I could.


I’ve come to realize that if I only focused on the “big and bold” moments, my memories would play out a bit hollow. Epic, but shallow. It is important, I think, to give them equal focus in travel and in life.

The big moments are the ones you list off on New Year’s Eve as “the things you did this year”. The stories that spring first to mind, and often begin “do you remember when we…” or, “you wont believe this…”. You’ll remember almost every detail: where you were, who you were with, even the smell of the air.

The small moments, the quiet ones, are the bits that fill in the gaps of our days. They are often noticed alone, or in a small group, balancing out the big loud moments with peace and simple joys. If you let them come and go without thought, they can be forgettable. But when life is feeling stagnant, these moments make me the happiest to recall.

Travellers often seemed concerned only with the “cool” stuff – extreme adventures and exotic locations. But so much of it all is the mundane, the little things. Sticking your hand out a car window on the highway, finding the perfect cafe in a new city, or smelling the different air when you step off a plane. Its noticing the amazing street art on your way home from work while you’re thinking about the skydive you have booked.

Losing Your Feet is a travel blog. But it is about more than photos, hikes, or travel information. It is about getting lost in the moment. The big, the small, the bold and the quiet, and encouraging and inspiring others to do the same.

(Ps, I’d like to thank my big sister for always having the right thing to say, and for continuing to dole out key life advice beyond swimming and baking lessons.)