Vancouver Photo Diary

I had such mixed feelings about leaving Australia and returning to a “normal” life. So I had to fit in just one last  adventure before finally going home. Instead of flying straight from Melbourne to Toronto, we made a pit stop for a few weeks in Vancouver, British Columbia. My Aunt and Uncle graciously opened their home to us, and despite not having seen them in many years, it felt like we’d spent all our lives with them. I’d like to thank them again and again for hosting us two ragged, jet-lagged nomads. First up was a tour around the city itself. As a proper welcome to the wild west, we saw a bear. On a suburban sidewalk.

bear bc




There is an amazing bit of pubic art near English Bay. If you are ever feeling down while in Vancouver (which I think would be hard to do), come and take a wander. It will instantly put a smile on your face.





One of the most amazing parts of Vancouver is that it has such a great city vibe, but is surrounded by mountains, and takes no time at all to get into the heart of the wilderness. We were a bit early in the year for the Rockies to be snowy around the city, so we made a trip out to Harrison, BC. A town totally embraced by mountains and right on a lake, what more could you possibly need? Oh right, there are natural hot springs too.


I’m from Ontario, so I grew up with lakes being all over the place. While they are lovely, I had never seen proper mountains before! If you stick around with me, you may come to learn that I am totally in love with them. I could just stare at mountains for days.





We also headed out to the Lyn Canyon suspension bridge. There is only one blurry phone photo from this adventure, I was terrified of dropping anything. For anyone visiting Vancouver, definitely head up here! There is also the more famous Capilano Suspension Bridge, but this one is free!

lyn canyon suspension bridge

There were so many fun things we did during those few weeks out west. To be honest, I was a bit burnt-out from the past few weeks to photograph them all. Granville Island was an absolute highlight. The markets are amazing, and the beer was pretty fantastic too.




Their seasonal ale tastes like chocolate cake.


The only downside to making a pit stop before Toronto was dealing with the insane costs associated with travelling within Canada. Our first choice, the train, was absolutely out of the question at +500$, with flights not too much less than that. And so it came to be that we took the bus. 3 days and more than 3000km, with no overnight stops. We slept on the bus, we ate on the bus, we kind of became the bus.

It wasn’t all bad though. Part of my mantra here at Losing Your Feet is finding joy in the small moments, the mundane events:

  • I got to see more of Canada than I would have if I had taken a plane, and got a much better sense of just how massive my country is.
  • Every pit stop (and nearly every meal) was a Tim Hortons stop. Having been in withdrawals for the past two years, I was a happy camper.
  • We passed through the Banff/Lake Louise area at sunrise. Waking up to a stiff neck and a cold face on the bus is no fun, but when you look out the window and get to see the sun lighting up the magnificent Rocky Mountains, it makes it all better.
  • There was a snowstorm! James had never seen real snow, and I had been missing it in a big way.
  • The bus took me home, and I could never hate on it too much for that.

Thank you again Aunt Heather and Uncle Terry, can’t wait until we can get out that way again!




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  1. Mom says: Reply

    You’ve captured your time in Vancouver perfectly and the photos are fantastic as usual.
    I was so happy you got to spend time with part of the family we don’t get to see enough, and knew you would feel right at home.
    I can’t forget knowing that you were back in the country at that point, and how soon you would be back home!
    That snowstorm delayed your arrival by a few hours which seemed like days to me sitting in Yorkdale waiting for your bus to arrive!
    We were so glad to have you home!

  2. Heather says: Reply

    Wow enough said,. Makes us so happy to have chosen BC as our forever home, the only thing missing is family. Such a wonderful write up Lisa. You guys are welcome to drop by again on your way back home. But this time don’t make us wait 2 days for that awesome home made pizza ,. Great adventures, looking forward to more write ups, keep them coming. Love ya and be safe.

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